Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Advanced Level -ACCREDITED CERT

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Advanced Level -ACCREDITED CERT

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Jul 31, 2020
TUTProfessor submitted a new resource:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Advanced Level -ACCREDITED CERT - Learn about Psychology, counselling and therapy; how psychotherapy works; Freud and his followers, p


Learn about Psychology, counselling and therapy; how psychotherapy works; Freud and his followers, psychoanalysis & more

What you'll learn​

  • Approaches & Useful Techniques in Psychotherapy
  • How Psychodynamic Psychotherapy works
  • How to set up a therapeutic session
  • The difference between 'Brief Therapy' and 'Long-term' treatment
  • How to ask for a 'consent'
  • and much more!

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