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Sep 8, 2020
Learn to build highly scalable MERN Stack app with AWS for Storage (S3) Email (SES) Hosting (EC2) IAM and more.
by Ryan Dhungel (Udemy)

What you'll learn
  • Learn React JS (Frontend) Web Development
  • Learn to use Next Js - A React Framework for Production Apps
  • Learn Node JS API (Backend) Development
  • Learn to Build Highly Scalable App
  • Learn to use AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) for File Uploads
  • Learn to use AWS SES (Simple Email Service) for Sending Emails
  • Learn to use AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) for Hosting your App in the Cloud
  • Learn to use AWS Route 53 for Domain/DNS Management
  • Learn to use AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management)
  • Learn to write custom rules/policy fo accessing AWS services
  • Learn to use Mongo Atlas as a Managed Database in the Cloud
  • Learn to build SEO React Apps with Next Js
  • Learn to Build Real World Full Stack / MERN Stack Apps from Scratch
  • Learn to Implement Secure JWT Based Authentication System
  • Learn to Perform CRUD (create read update delete)
  • Learn to Resize Image Client Side
  • Learn to implement Rich Text Editor
  • Learn to Implement Infinite Scrolling
  • Learn to Implement View Count and Load More Features
  • Learn to Build Multi User Platform
  • Learn to Implement Mass Email Feature
  • Learn to Build A Robust Web App fro New Startups
  • User Login/Registration/Activation/Forgot/Reset Password
  • Learn to Write Clean Code with Easy to Maintain App Architecture
  • Learn to Build an Application that can Grow Infinitely in Future
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