Pianote - Learn Piano Courses Collection

Pianote - Learn Piano Courses Collection

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Jul 31, 2020
TUTProfessor submitted a new resource:

Pianote - Learn Piano Courses Collection - The Ultimate Online Piano Lessons Experience™


The Ultimate Online Piano Lessons Experience™

Musical freedom
on the piano.

Unlike “video game” learning where you only learn what keys to hit, you’ll actually play music with step-by-step lessons that will build your foundation in sight-reading, chording, playing by ear, improv skills, and more! Brand new Pianote Method
100s of step-by-step lessons
Ideal for beginners &...

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New member
Jul 12, 2021
This course it's something I've been searching for. There are others out there of the same company for drums (Drumeo) and guitar (Guitareo)!
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