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I've Been Banned! How to Appeal?

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অনেক প্যারা নিয়ে আছি রে ভাই!
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Jul 31, 2020
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Many Bulk Accounts are Generating Day by Day & we are strictly aware of it, so we are Preparing Ban for those users, Be careful!

We have Removed download Permission for Newbie Users. Now you Must Have to Introduce yourself first; then, you can download as a Normal User.

1. Why I m banned? What is the reason?

-you have created multiple accounts from your same IP, or You are running multiple accounts.

-you haven't read Rules & Guidelines yet. Overriding the rules leads you to get Permanent / Temporary Ban.

-you are using a Free Vpn service where other users are also logged in. It will count as a Multiple Account of that IP.

2. My IP Address Banned & I cant Enter the site; what is the Reason?

Mainly your IP address Banned because,

-You have Created Bulk Account for Download, which indicates you are a hardcore leecher; you can't Appreciate our Effort. [In this case, our support team not able to Recover or Fix your account; now you are permanently Banned from our Forum]

-Sometimes, many accounts get Flagged Automatically; [Possible Reason:- you are using a Free Vpn service where other users also logged in. so it will count as Multiple Account when our system detects all accounts under that IP get banned]

We appreciate all supports.

If you think you've banned by an error, submit this appeal form

Having issue with viewing link ? Open forum in Guest mode and Copy the link here :- http:// bit. ly/tutflixbanappeal [ Remove Space ]

**We reserve rights to change any information on this Thread any time**
Not open for further replies.

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