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FAQ: Resource Sharing Rules



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Sep 10, 2020
These are some FAQ since the rules are changed. Comment your doubts below if any.

Can I add linkvertise?
You must have to be a Member (1-Month-Old) + You have at least 35 Approved Resource . If not add direct link

Can I add zipped files?
Only unzipped for videos

Which file hosts to use?
MEGA.NZ (Primary), Zippyshare, Google Drive (Only Allowed If Size Below 5GB) , others will go for moderation

Can I upload any course?
Yes upload any good courses. Don't upload Udemy < 4 rating for both author and course.
Eg: Don't upload below instructor courses

How to know if its good course for other sites?
Unless it has poor reviews, it is good.

Can I upload book also?
Yes, add Book as prefix in title

Can I promote other sites?
Not here, if possible promote Tutflix here

Anything to check before upload?
Yes, search here and in https://tutflix.com/ to avoid duplication

So how to upload resource?
Just 4 steps, add image, title& desc, add link and additional info link

For more info of new rules,
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