Vue js 3 Practical Guide w/ Composition API, Router (2022)

Udemy Vue js 3 Practical Guide w/ Composition API, Router (2022)

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Learn Vue js 3 by building 4 web applications (including SPA) with options API, composition API and Vue Router

What you'll learn​

  • Build real world project with Composition API
  • Learn how to use Vue js 3 for building web user interfaces
  • Build web applications with Vue js 3
  • Dive deeper into Vue js 3


  • Basic web development knowledge (HTML, Javascript, CSS) is required
  • Basic Javascript ES6+, Vue js knowledge is recommended


Vue js 3 is a progressive javascript framework for building user interfaces. This is a project-based course for learning Vue js. I will teach you how to build some projects with Vue from the simple to the complex project.
1st Project: Tags Input
We'll start by building a simple Tags input, a Vue js based tagging system which automatically converts the values that users enter in the input into delimited tags.
While we're building this project we'll learn some Vue js basic concepts such as:
  • Interpolation
  • Directives
  • Attribute bindings
  • Conditional rendering,
  • List rendering
  • Class and style bindings
  • Handling events
  • Two way bindings with v-model
  • Methods
  • Computed properties
  • Watcher
2nd Project: Toast Notification
We will build Toast notification, where we able to show a message in a given times with some different types and positions.
3rd Project: Carousel Image slider
We will build Carousel image slider from scratch which allows user to automatically cycle through a series of images in a given time.
4th Project: Vue Drive (Main Project)
Our main project is building Vue Drive, a Vue Single Page Application (SPA) that inspired by Google Drive, where we able to upload some files with drag and drop feature, and manage them in folders.
In this course You will also learn some topics:
  • Composition API
  • Composable functions
  • Build single Page Application with Vue Router
  • Creating custom directives
  • Working with Axios HTTP library
  • How to connect to a backend server from your app
  • Using async/await
  • Organizing API endpoints
  • How to write clean code
  • Uploading file to Backend API
  • Working with Teleport
In addition to the lectures, I also provide the complete source code on GitHub where you can see all changes that I made for each lecture so that you can always have access to the full codebase for the application.
Before you take this course, you should have a basic understanding of modern Javascript features such as arrow functions, destructuring operator, rest Parameters, and Spread Syntax. You should also know the fundamental of Vue js.
By the end of this course, you will have a very solid understanding of Vue and you will be able to dive into your own Vue projects.

Who this course is for:​

  • Frontend developers who want to use Vue js 3 to build modern web apps
  • Vue js developers who want to learn Composition API in building real world project
  • Everyone interested in learning how to build frontend web apps with Vue js
  • Javascript developers who want to explore Vue js for building user interfaces
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