The English Vocabulary Crash Course 2021: Zero to Expert!

Udemy The English Vocabulary Crash Course 2021: Zero to Expert!

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The only complete course on English vocab: Idioms, Phrases, Word roots, One word substitutions and Synonyms & Antonyms

What you'll learn​

  • The origins, fascinating stories and examples of over 600 idioms and phrases along with relevant pictures and illustrations.
  • About a hundred word roots and almost 600 words formed with them along with proper images and illustrations.
  • 500 high-frequency One Word Substitutions (OWS) with at least one example sentence and relevant illustrations.
  • Usage of all these words and the preposition used with them through multiple example sentences.
  • Usage of phrasal verbs in the context of examples.
  • 300 most common Synonyms and Antonyms with grouping and usage examples.


  • I speak primarily in Hindi in this course so if you understand Hindi, welcome aboard!


Hi! Welcome to the complete vocabulary course 2021 - the most comprehensive and detailed course on the subject.
This is the only course you need to learn vocabulary for any government job exam. This is the course I wish I had when I was preparing for SSC CGL exam in 2012.
There are a lot of options for learning vocabulary including books and YouTube videos, but this course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and effective on the market. Here's why:
  • This is the only course taught by a person who himself has struggled and mastered thousands of vocabulary words without any trick or mnemonics!.
  • I have done extensive research from 5 to 6 online sources on each word, idiom or phrase that you find in this course. I am not kidding! On average, I have spent close to 12 minutes per word on research and making notes alone. Also, I have included at least one example sentence from each idiom/phrase so that you get their essence.
  • I have sifted through tons of books, online resources and dozens of websites to trace the origins of almost all the idioms so that you memorize their stories and meanings. No other course will tell you the stories of origins of all the idioms in such precise and engrossing detail. By the way, did you know that the origin stories are the best way to learn idioms, phrases and words?
  • You don't have to make notes or write down anything. Just sit back comfortably in a chair, put on your earphones and immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of words. All the work has already been done for you.
  • I have made detailed handwritten notes for each word and have included lots of pictures, illustrations, examples and real-life scenarios so that you do not forget any word ever. All the notes will be attached to the relevant videos as a downloadable resource.
  • Cramming words or using mnemonics is not my style - and it won't be yours too. I have explained each word in such an imaginative detail that it paints a picture in your mind which sticks for ever.
  • If you are a student of English or Hindi medium, this course is for you. While I speak in Hindi throughout the course, I have connected words and idioms in such a way that will benefit the you irrespective of your medium.
  • This course is constantly updated with new content, quizzes and practice exercises. Think of it as a one-time purchase for a subscription to a never-ending supply of quality vocabulary videos.
  • You don't have to buy any other book or material for vocabulary. This course includes all the resources that you need to crack any government job exam. This is indeed a one-stop solution to all your problems in vocabulary.
When you're learning vocabulary, you often have to sacrifice a deeper understanding of words (quality) in favor of the number of words (quantity). However, with this course, you get the best of both worlds. This is a course designed to cover everything with adequate details. This course does not cut any corners at any front.
This course is designed as if you are a complete beginner, but it will also help you if you are an intermediate level student and want to take your game to the next level.
Following are the topics that we cover in this course -
  1. Idioms and Phrases - 100 videos
  2. Vocabulary through word roots - 60+ videos
  3. One word substitutions (OWS) - 50 videos
  4. Logy - 6 videos
  5. Phobias and Manias - 4 videos
Remember that this course is continuously being updated. I am still adding a couple of new videos every week so expect a bigger bang for your buck.
This course is also unique in the way it is structured and presented. Many online courses are just a long droning of "teacher translating words into Hindi". This course is different.
I've incorporated everything I learned in my years of pursuing vocabulary as a passion to make this course not only more interesting but more effective also. Here's how -
  • I have tried to interconnect difficult words with relatively easier ones who have the same root. For example-
    • Licentious and Illicit are difficult words but License is the easier one with the same root (licere = permission by law).
    • Inevitable is the difficult word whereas Avoid is the easier one with the same root (vitare = to go out of the way).
  • I have grouped Idioms with similar connotations so that they are easier to memorize. For example-
    • The idioms Worth one's salt and Worth one's weight in Gold have the same connotation.
    • The idioms Make a clean breast of, Get something off the chest and Come clean: all have the same connotation. So they will be presented together.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I got into teaching because I love the satisfaction of seeing a student happy and joyous. Sign up today and see how fun, exciting, and rewarding the world of vocabulary can be!

Who this course is for:​

  • Take this course if you want to know the origin of all the idioms and phrases so that you memorize them for a lifetime.
  • Take this course if you truly, genuinely want to understand vocabulary and not cram it through tricks and mnemonics.
  • Take this course if you are facing difficulties in memorizing huge vocabulary lists.
  • Take this course if you are preparing for SSC, Banks, Railways, State police or other similar exams.
  • Take this course if you get confused between prepositions used with a word.
  • Take this course if you are facing difficulty in fill-in-the-blanks or cloze tests.
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