Leigh halliday - Next Level Next.js

Leigh halliday - Next Level Next.js

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Tired of doing tutorials and learning tools but never building anything?

Tired of only understanding half of an application?

Ready to take your career to the next level?

This course is for any developer who wants to use the latest technology (Next.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Prisma, etc...), but actually build an entire application, frontend and backend, from start to finish, and have it deployed.

We will build a full stack Next.js application using:
- TypeScript
- GraphQL & TypeGraphQL
- Prisma & Postgres
- Apollo Client & Server
- Firebase Authentication
- Mapbox
- Cloudinary Image Uploads
- Vercel Deployment

What are we building?

Here's our home page. We query the data through a GraphQL API for the homes within the Mapbox map's bounding box. The data on the left is tied to the map on the right, much like Airbnb's website.

Forms? Ohh yea!
Using react-hook-form along with GraphQL, we'll build a form to both create and edit homes. Validations? Yup! Image preview and upload to Cloudinary? Yup!
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