Welcome Note


(If you are a beginner)


If you are reading this mean, you are a newbie or new to this site, so here is the full guide on what the site is about & how it works.


Disclaimer:- If you are a student who can afford to buy as many courses as you want, this forum is not for you. Our mission is to help students with e-learning resources that are already available on the world wide web(WWW). We collect from various sources & provide it in one place. 


For Course Author(only):- we appreciate what the author creates, & if a course author want to takedown their resources & we will remove them from the SERP (more details here)


TutFlix is the First community-based Free E-learning content sharing forum. It started in Dec 2019. After that, it's converted into a Forum in Aug 2020.


Wait, It's not NetFlix. Or Any Pirated Movie Streaming Platform. Its Educational Based Content Sharing Platform. "Tut" For Tutorials "Flix" For Watching Online / Offline, That's How the Funny Name Comes TutFlix.



How does it work?


TutFlix Is a Public Study Resource Library + Forum, Require An Account To Access.




After Registration, you have to Introduce yourself First to get a promotion as a Member of the Forum. 


Introduction section link here (click after completing registration)


While writing an Introduce post, this mentioned points should be included:-

  • Write about your interest.

  • How you came to know about this community

  • What you are going to contribute to the community (its optional)



After Getting Approval, Your First Job is to Read The Forum's Guidelines & User Guides.


Don't Register for Download Contents only; if you do like our work, please support by contributing resources on Forum & Help  Forum Members.


If you have enough money to purchase courses, Do support developers by purchasing their content.



What makes TutFlix Different From Other Sharing Sites?


In other sharing sites, 


  • you have to download courses/ torrents & fill your hard disk to watch them offline. Where TutFlix providing a Full streaming service (you can watch any content online through MEGA.nz (wait! Mega has limits, right? So what makes sense? we have shared a bypass method, don’t worry!

  • You can’t get the latest released content on others; we provide the newest release first when it’s available on the Internet.

  • Others will share content directly, which can be erased at any time, where we can fix old links if you report. 

  • You can request courses; if we get the resource, we may upload it to the resource section

  • No virus/malware included (some hacking or cybersecurity courses included malware but don’t worry, we upload all the courses from trusted & popular sources)



Additional Notes(important):-


  • Don’t use/create multiple accounts. Once our security check runs, we will get caught & banned. 
  • Don't use VPN / proxy; sometimes account compromised due to free VPN services (where if your VPN IP matches with other users, the system will count as multiple accounts), so avoid using Free VPN / proxy
  • We don't send any promotional emails, you will only get mails if you join in a thread or post on a thread (you can use the unwatch option from the thread & you won’t get any future emails)
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